This tip will help you automate a connection between your Twitter account and your ScreenScape digital signage display. After setting this up, you can tweet as you normally would, and the tweets will display themselves automatically on your display.


To tweet to your display, take the following steps:

    1. Create free accounts on Zapier and Twitter. You can use your existing Twitter account if you have one.


    1. In Zapier, use ‘Explore Zaps’ to find a Twitter to RSS zap called ‘Create RSS Feed from Twitter‘. Follow the step by step instructions to connect your Twitter account to the Zapier RSS feed, and turn it on. This RSS feed will be the invisible “glue” that links your Twitter account with your ScreenScape display.


    1. Create a new ScreenScape RSS content item using the URL of your new Twitter/Zapier RSS feed.


    1. Tweet from your Twitter account as you normally would.


Wait a few minutes for the automated zap to pick up the new tweet and for your ScreenScape feed to update from the RSS feed. If you want to hurry up this process, you can use your Zapier Dashboard to Run the zap immediately, and ask your ScreenScape Support team about how you can increase the RSS update interval on your account.

Pro tip: if you only want certain tweets to go to your screen, add a hashtag like #ScreenScape and filter on this in your zap.

Your tweets will now be visible on your ScreenScape digital signage display!