Five ways you can improve your foursquare campaign’s chance of success

As the popularity of location-based marketing (LBM) services like foursquare continues to accelerate, we’re all learning more about how successful campaigns are managed.

As powerful as foursquare is, signing up and waiting for their army of users to discover your special is, by itself, not enough. There are challenges. And there is much that you can and should do to complement the mobile messaging of a location-based marketing service to meet these challenges. The added effort will help improve your campaign’s chance of success and ultimately drive real sales uplift inside your venue.

Whether you are a single venue operator or a national retail chain of stores, a community-based digital display network like ScreenScape can serve as a multi-faceted tool to help resolve several challenges that crop up for businesses using location-based marketing services. By simply mounting a digital display inside your venue you can create a visual point-of-reference to greatly assist your location-based marketing campaign. Assist how?

Challenge 1: I forgot to check-in!

This is a simple problem that all businesses using LBM services face to one extent or another. I consider myself an avid foursquare user but when I venture out I often forget to check-in to the venues I visit. A digital display that provides the visitor with a visual cue – a call to action – will help to remind your visitors to check-in. Check-in volumes are important in this online world – they speak to your profile and your presence within this virtual community!

Challenge 2: foursquare for the square!

How does a LBM service go from being trendy in the nerd crowd to mainstream popularity among patrons of your venue? One of the simplest ways to introduce your customers to your LBM service of choice is to provide an ongoing public demonstration and a digital display that welcomes your patrons with a check-in here message does just that – and with style.

Challenge 3: Promotion? What promotion?

You know all about your latest foursquare special; but does your staff? Just because your organization has recognized the power of LBM and foursquare is pushing specials out to your customers – it doesn’t mean your entire staff is well informed and well equipped to deliver upon the promotion. A digital display on location inside your venue can do wonders to coordinate your campaign and ensure the smooth and consistent delivery of both its message and its value to your customer.

Challenge 4: Check-in Cheats!

It is encouraging to note that foursquare has said they want to make sure that venues have the tools and documentation necessary to teach everyone involved about their programs. Much has been made about the so-called cheating that can go on when it comes to the game mechanics of LBM. When you take a game that is played in the virtual world and try to graph it to actual real world activity, the integrity of your marketing program may be called into question. A community-based digital display network, like ScreenScape, can be used to provide an on-site presence that bridges the gap between the real and the virtual. Digital displays might be used, for example, to validate check-ins by presenting dynamic codes on screen to verify that a mobile user is actually on location inside that venue.

Challenge 5: So Many Specials!

Mayor specials, loyalty specials, frequency specials and product specials…..the kinds of promotions you see in LBM seem to be ever-growing. The more complex these services get the more needed is a coordinated set of visual cues on-site within the venue to help to educate the visiting public.

If you want to seize the power of location-based marketing, be sure to put ScreenScape to work in your venue.

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