ScreenScape:GTA is a gathering of leaders of the ScreenScape Community and their partners from the Ontario region. Hosted by ScreenScape President & CEO, Kevin Dwyer, it’s being held at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on Nov. 29. at 4pm. If you’re in the greater Toronto area and interested in learning more about the growing role of place-based media in the marketing landscape, we invite you to attend ScreenScape:GTA.

We were preparing for sixty or seventy people but thanks to your overwhelming response the project has turned into something much bigger. We’ve added more space and are now expecting more than two hundred industry professionals.

This is a rare chance to meet and mingle with marketing leaders in a whole range of industries – from retail to recreation, from food & beverage to automotive, healthcare, tourism and more. We also expect a number of brands, retailers, network operators and industry partners to join us – all to talk about the competitive advantages offered by a new class of technology that lies at the nexus of digital signage, social media, online video and location-based services.


Amber MacArthur is a leading commentator, technology host, journalist and strategist. She is a sought after speaker on how to use social media to build community and customer loyalty online.
Amber will be presenting the keynote address at ScreenScape GTA.

Robert Oswald is the Founder and President of the Hearing News Network – one of the fastest growing Groups on the ScreenScape platform. Robert will discuss how place-based media can be used to reinforce a healthcare loyalty loop that creates value for providers as well as patients. With partners like Beltone, Clearsounds, and Unitron joining the program seems as though Robert and the folks at HNN are on to something special.

Mark Hemphill, ScreenScape Founder & Chief Operating Officer, will close the presentation portion of the event by sharing his perspective on the role that place-based marketing can play in an increasingly competitive landscape where consumers are both informed and connected.

Additionally, seven ScreenScape customers representing an array of industries will be on hand as part of a customer showcase to demonstrate and discuss the many ways that place-based media can be used to engage audiences and enhance the visitor experience. They include Canadian Blood Services, Wakefield Canada, The Hearing News Network, The Clarkson Pump, and The Rostie Group.