Preferences - Data ServicesThis morning ScreenScape added a new feature to the service called “Venue Preferences”.

The ScreenScape solution is designed from the ground up for large distributed networks. Many of our networks are made up of central Group managers who collaborate with dozens or hundreds of Venue managers at the local level. Our ongoing challenge is to introduce new features that strike the right balance between centralized control for the Group manager and empowerment of Venues at the local level.

Today we added yet another feature designed to help strike that balance. “Venue Preference” is a new tool to help automate the publishing of Weather and News content at the local level. It doubles as a handy default setting for Venues and a power-user tool for Groups.

For Venues, it saves on repetitive tasks like defining local weather settings, or recalling the URL string of your blog’s RSS feed. More here:

For Groups, it provides a way to publish a single Content item to 100’s of locations with auto-customized weather and news for every Venue. More here:

We hope you like it!