associationGroupIconThe ScreenScape Community is comprised of thousands of members. The venues that operate digital displays on location in their place of business, and the now hundreds of networks they form are the lifeblood of this Community.

That said, ScreenScape, and the place-based marketing opportunities it offers, could not exist without the active help of industry partners who every day provide vital support to ScreenScape customers.

In this short video some of our team share their perspectives on the role of industry partners in the ScreenScape eco-system.

Typically, industry partners fall into one of three categories:

1. Physical Infrastructure – ScreenScape customers rely on partners to help them source, install and manage the screens, the media players, and the networking equipment, in other words the physical equipment that helps them to display their promotional messages effectively on location where and when it really counts.

2. Content Services – We know how important your brand is to your business. While ScreenScape offers hundreds of professionally designed templates that anyone can easily repurpose with their own video, images and text, from time to time there is still a place for expert graphic designers and expert videographers to create assets to go into a template.

3. Ad brokering / Supplier enablement – In addition to sales lift, one of the more compelling reasons to take advantage of place-based media is in the opportunity it provides retail partners with the ability to monetize their strategic position in the value chain. Whether this is selling ads to community partners or enabling your suppliers to take part in a retail promotion there are myriad ways for a gatekeeper of the retail leg of the marketing chain to ask for some consideration in exchange for access to the ultimate consumer and top billing at the point-of-sale. This is where network operators, ad brokers, and consultants come in.

At ScreenScape we understand the importance of working with leading partners in all these categories to help our customers untap the full potential of place-based media. ScreenScape is not just a software platform. It’s an eco-system. And that eco-system is getting stronger, and stronger every day.