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The digital signage revolution is here... introducing ScreenScape5

Video: Introducing ScreenScape5

October 28, 2020


This post is for those of you that have been hearing all the fuss about ScreenScape5, but haven’t yet found time for a closer look.

ScreenScape5 is a major redesign of our platform. Yes, we’ve retained much of what you loved about ScreenScape4. We are still the device plus software solution that is reinventing digital signage. We still include a plug and play smart device with every subscription that can quickly turn any TV into a dynamic digital sign. However with version 5 we introduced a sleek new content management system called Media Manager. And Media Manager is chock full of sneaky powerful functionality that puts you in complete control of your own digital signage network.

Indeed, with ScreenScape5 we’re taking ease-of-use and ease-of-management to a whole new level, delivering big improvements throughout the entire digital signage process. If you’re ready to give the system a try, go ahead and create your own free account now. Or, if you’d prefer a quick yet comprehensive tour and aren’t quite ready for a personalized demonstration, this video is for you.