News broke this week that Hartco Inc. is investing $6 million in ScreenScape. We are thrilled to welcome Hartco to the ScreenScape family. The partnership and the additional capital bode well for our customers and for our business.

We’d also like to thank the hundreds of you who emailed or called or tweeted and retweeted. Your well wishes remind us what an important job we have. ScreenScape is poised to capitalize on a technology platform that is reinventing place-based media. In two short years more than 1500 businesses have started using ScreenScape. They demonstrate every day how the Internet, place-based social media, and mobile computing can be used to give marketing-savvy organizations a powerful new way of speaking to their customers – especially while those customers are in a position to make a key buying decision.

While the digital signage category has been around for some time, it has yet to see a vendor “crack the code” and find breakout market adoption on a global scale. We believe that we have a golden opportunity to be that company. In the course of providing place-based media solutions that are simple, cost-effective, and network-enabled ScreenScape also creates an open environment for intelligent advertising and for content syndication that is hyper-local and highly scalable. The network-centric model offers tremendous utility. And ScreenScape isn’t just about crowdsourcing content to make place-based media more effective and easy to do for just about any size business. It’s also about crowdsourcing audiences to pool targeted sales & marketing opportunities. Knowing that ScreenScape gets richer and more valuable every day as each new member joins and contributes their content or their audience to the service, we believe that we are all moving farther down the path toward mainstream adoption of this medium. That leads to even greater utility and eventually…ubiquity.

We would like to welcome Hartco to the ScreenScape family and we thank them for sharing our big vision for where this can go. We will use the proceeds from this investment to accelerate product development and to expand our growing roster of blue-chip customers. Look for ScreenScape to continue to open up the platform to content service providers and marketers of every stripe. Look for us to continue to listen to our customers and respond to their feedback with new features. And look for us to continue to set the standard in this new and exciting industry. Stay tuned!