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What can Apple TV teach us about Digital Signage?

The impact that Apple TV, and similar device-oriented Internet technologies, have had on the way we consume media at home is well documented. A mass abandonment of cable television is underway. It’s been dubbed the cord cutting revolution, and it is being led by millennials who grew up in the Internet age and expect their entertainment to be delivered on their terms.

What can Apple TV teach us about Digital Signage

What is Apple TV doing that we could learn from, adapt, and apply to digital signage?

Digital Media Players like Apple TV™ arrived on the market only a few short years ago and yet they have already penetrated millions of homes. Digital signage, on the other hand, which has been around for decades, has yet to achieve this kind of mainstream acceptance. Where consumers are rushing to connect and control their screens to the Internet so they can become masters of their own media universe, business owners, by comparison, seem to be lagging.

Apple TV™ and other solutions in its class, like Roku and Google’s Chromecast, have managed to successfully eliminate the need for complicated hardware and complex installation processes to allow average non-technical homeowners to bring the Internet to their television screens. This trend in consumer entertainment offers insights we can adapt to the commercial world and lessons for digital signage vendors and their customers which lead towards to simpler, more cost-effective, more user-friendly, and more scalable solutions. We have a new whitepaper that explores this topic in detail. Some of the lessons are as follows.

  • Simple appliances outperform PCs and Macs as digital media players
  • Sourcing and mounting a TV is not the critical challenge
  • In order to scale, digital signage networks must be designed for average non-technical users to operate
  • Creating an epic viewing experience isn’t as important as enabling a large and diverse network
  • Simplicity and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand

By making it easier to connect and control screens, tomorrow’s digital signage solutions will help more businesses to reap the benefits of place-based media. Digital signage networks will be able to scale more cost-effectively, and businesses of all kinds will be able to participate.