At ScreenScape you’ll often hear the refrain:

“We’re not digital signage. We’re Venue Networking.”


So what’s venue networking?

We’re so enthusiastic about answering all the nuances to that question, we often get a polite glazed stare in response. For the average person, the explanation can sound more like techno jargon, sales speak, and hand waving than an honest answer.

The thing is, we genuinely believe there’s more behind this concept then just marketing and sales strategy. So here’s an effort to describe it in straight forward terms. No doublespeak, no jargon, no sales pitch – just the goods.

Venue Networking is an approach that makes it easy to share text, images, and video on public digital displays.

The displays are owned and controlled by members of the venue network. They’re used to inform, entertain, and advertise to audiences at member venue locations. Venue Network members include venue operators, content producers and advertisers. Any member can choose to share, buy and sell content or display space with any other member.

The result is an open “venue network” of digital displays in which each members’ content has potential access to the many audiences across the network. Venue networks are simple, scalable, open and inexpensive to operate.

Feedback welcome – does this description pass muster?