ScreenScape Connect Pro

Introducing Connect Pro – $400USD

ScreenScape Connect Pro allows businesses to turn any TV into a dynamic digital sign. Connect the screen of your choice to your own account at using an Internet-connected plug & play device. Think of it as enterprise digital signage without the pain of a complex IT project.

  1. Connect Pro arrives by mail
  2. Plug it into an HDMI port, connect to Internet with Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  3. Create/edit content at
  4. Done! Engage your audience.

What are the key business benefits of ScreenScape Connect Pro?

ScreenScape Connect Pro offers specific advantages over low cost digital signage media players. Depending on your specific project some of its benefits may include:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Simple setup process
  • 39 month warranty

Contact us to order a Connect Pro.