Content Ideas

Need help building beautiful screens? Here’s some digital signage content ideas to inspire you!

F&B Digital Signage Example - Introducing Avocado Breakfast Bowl
Why it’s great: Clear & bold imagery with the focus on the new product.
Assets: Gotham Medium font // Humblle Rought font // Image
Digital Signage Content Idea - Nivea Promo
Why it’s great: Prominent call to action. By keeping it simple with just one block of text and one image, it’s obvious where the users’ eyes should go to.
Assets: Montserrat font // Open Sans font // Blue Background
Digital Signage Content Ideas - Optometrist Example
Why it’s great: Engaging and educational. Great for waiting rooms, or to help reduce perceived wait time.
Food & Beverage - Menu Example for Digital Signage
Why it’s great: Showcases a select number of products in an organized manner. Price is a good focal point.

Corporate Communications Sample Digital Signage Screen
Why it’s great: Monthly numbers are a great thing to share internally. The bar chart is spaced out nicely, isn’t too crowded and allows users to get an overview of the company’s performance.
Assets: Avenir Font
Employee of the month Digital Signage Corporate Internal Communications Sample Screen
Why it’s great: Bold imagery with a clear focus on the employee of the month. Showcasing awards or recognizing employees on a corporate level is a nice way to engage the company from within.
Assets: Avenir font
Eileen Fisher - Retail Digital Signage Example
Why it’s great: Customer reviews are a great way of leveraging social proof and to promote your products.
Digital Signage Screen Example with Weather, RSS, and Video
Why it’s great: The three sections are organized neatly with enough white space between them to avoid appearing cluttered.
Assets: Blurred Dark Background 1 // Blurred Dark Background 2
Automotive Upsell Digital Signage Screen Example
Why it’s great: A nice subtle upsell method. The use of colour helps to make a specific option pop!
Beverage Highlight Digital Signage Sample Screen
Why it’s great: Eye-catching images help to spice up your regular or special menu. It’s often said that we eat with our eyes first!
Pharmacy Education Digital Signage Screen Sample
Why it’s great: The minimal amount of text creates an impactful message. Less is often more! Spelling out “quit” using cigarettes is also a great and creative way to change text into visual. 
Digital Signage Screen Example - Automotive Tire Video
Why it’s great: The high quality, dark tones and bold text makes this video sexy and captivating. 
Digital Signage Sample Screen - Schedule
Why it’s great: Sufficient white space allows this screen to read comfortably. The yellow bar helps to draw the users’ eyes to the most relevant section. 
Digital Signage Example Screen - Event Schedule
Why it’s great: Colour blocking is a great way to divide a screen into smaller, more digestible sections. It helps to inform the eyes on how to process the information.

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