Feed Your Screen

Import Media Quickly and Easily

We’ve made it easy for you to get your favorite media content, wherever it lives, into ScreenScape and onto your screens in a smart and manageable way. It starts with those platforms that you already use. Connect your ScreenScape account with Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and other data sources.

ScreenScape Digital Signage integrates with a variety of online sourcesScreenScape digital signage integrates with facebookScreenScape digital signage integrates with InstagramScreenScape digital signage integrates with Google Drive

If your content is on your local hard drive, adding it to ScreenScape is simply a matter of dragging and dropping the files onto a ScreenScape browser window. Built-in asset transformations, like crop, resize, rotate, image filters and more, will help to tailor each asset for the special design requirements of a large format display.

Use a Modern Layout and Style or Go Full Screen

Create as many playlists as you want and choose from an assortment of modern styles to give your network that professional look and feel. Dress up your playlist with local news and weather updates, or, if you prefer, play your media items in full screen mode and let your main message do all the talking.

Use a modern layout and style or go full screen with ScreenScape digital signage

Powerful, built-in media editor

Powerful, built-in media editor

ScreenScape digital signage offers a number of professionally designed templates
ScreenScape digital signage offers a built-in media editor tool that allows anyone to create beautiful onscreen messaging like a pro

Why pay thousands for graphic design services when you don’t have to? ScreenScape offers a built-in media editor that allows anyone to create beautiful onscreen messaging like a pro.

We offer a wide assortment of professionally designed templates that are ready to use out of the box. But these aren’t one-size-fits-all templates. The style, position and size of elements like text and images is up to you. Add new elements and adjust them as needed to create digital posters that are tailored to suit your brand. The animation below shows just how easy it is. It costs nothing to give it a try. Go ahead and create an account now and start experimenting for yourself.

Dynamic Content Options

Youtube, Daily News in pictures, and SportsCentral are just a few examples of the kinds of pre-packaged content options that ScreenScape delivers making it easier for you to keep every screen fed fresh daily, while automating the flow of editorial content.

Feed Your Screen with ScreenScape digital signage's pre-packaged content options

Web-based content

Perhaps you have some content that resides on the web and you’d like to see it flow to your screen network. ScreenScape makes it easy for almost any kind of dynamic web-based content to play nicely on digital signage.

ScreenScape digital signage makes it easy for almost any kind of dynamic web-based content to play nicely on your digital sign


Is your content trapped behind a corporate firewall? Contact a ScreenScape representative to learn how easy it is for our team to quickly build a secure bridge between your corporate systems and all your ScreenScape powered screens.

Get in there and try it

No credit card is required to access ScreenScape.com. Sign up now and start creating beautiful media in a matter of minutes. When you’re ready, purchase a ScreenScape device and put that media to work on screens that are strategically located around your business.