Featured Customer: Civic

Guelph Public Library

The oldest free public library in Ontario, Canada embraces ScreenScape to modernize their library.

An image of a woman browsing for library books with a digital sign overhead


Established in 1883, the Guelph Public Library (GPL) is the oldest free public library in Ontario, Canada. It is also the most widely used recreational space and community facility in Guelph. GPL provides a broad range of services for people of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom would otherwise not have access to these valuable resources.

An image of the Guelph Public Library building

The Problem

GPL needed a way to not only communicate library products to its customers in a timely manner, but to also customize information to specific customers and library locations. And so they rolled out ScreenScape to effectively reach their customers in high traffic areas.

An example of digital signage in a library with Brighten Up Your Day message


The Guelph Public Library installed 9 ScreenScape screens across 6 library locations throughout the city of Guelph. The screens were strategically placed at main checkout areas within each library location as well as in high traffic areas.


  • Modernized the library with cleaner, more appealing advertising
  • Reduced clutter of printed materials leading to better customer service
  • Improved communication allowing GPL to place the exact same message in all library locations at once