Featured Customer: Automotive

Modern Sales Co-op

Modern Sales Co-op is a Canadian automotive parts and service co-operative whose members use ScreenScape to inform their customers.

An image of people waiting in auto shop reception area with digital signage promoting oil and tire specials


A recognized community leader for over 80 years, Modern Sales Co-op represents over 450 member locations across Canada and over 400 vendors from all over the world. Modern Sales Co-op is one of the most diverse co-operatives in Canada and provides its members with the opportunity to diversify and grow their businesses in a challenging marketplace. One of the latest tools in Modern Sales Co-op’s member offerings is the ScreenScape digital signage software system.

An image of a car showroom with a digital sign in the background promoting synthetic motor oil
Modern Sales Co-op’s members needed a way to communicate with their customers and staff… now there are over 95 ScreenScape screens located in member locations throughout Canada.
Modern Sales Co-op members are loving the fact that they can easily keep their messaging up to date. Printed materials like flyers, brochures and posters are expensive to keep up to date and often require outside suppliers (and extra money) to complete. The other main benefit reported by Modern Sales Co-op members is just how quick and easy it is to create content and manage their screen networks. With just a few clicks of a mouse and drag-and-drop technology, users can create content and publish to an individual screen or several screens in a flash. In business, time is money, and ScreenScape definitely saves users time — from installation to publication.
A background image of a car engine


ScreenScape screens are used predominantly in customer-facing areas like waiting or retail areas to present product line awareness, specials, and any timely customer directed messaging. For example, if it’s going to be a rainy week, an Automotive parts supplier may run an ad reminding customers to replace their windshield wipers. Some members are also using their screens in lunch rooms, board rooms and warehouses to handle important or timely internal communications with staff.


  • Easy deployment and content creation
  • Reduced perceived wait times
  • Timely communications with customers and staff