Featured Customer: Healthcare

Murphy’s Pharmacies

Murphy’s Pharmacies, a chain of independent pharmacies, increased sales with in-store digital signage.

A woman walks into a grocery store with digital sign overhead promoting Garden Slads

When patients get new medical prescriptions at Murphy’s Pharmacies locations, they usually have a brief wait between the time their order is placed and the time it’s filled. The company knew they had a captive audience in the pharmacy waiting area, and tried to reach that audience through posters and bulletin boards. However, busy pharmacy employees did not always have time to manage the process of putting up and taking down signs all the time.

A digital sign in a pharmacy promoting flu shots


Murphy’s Pharmacies wanted to find an easier and more streamlined way to share health information and promotions with patients.

And so the organization deployed a digital signage solution powered by ScreenScape to display health content in pharmacies and clinics.

Digital signage in a pharmacy promoting cough drops


Murphy’s Pharmacies deployed ScreenScape in their waiting rooms and clinics. The solution provided Murphy Pharmacies the simplicity and flexibility to display a variation of health content and promotional messages more frequently at a low cost.


  • New opportunities to promote health education and awareness to patients
  • Increased retail sales for pharmacies
  • Collaboration and content sharing with local charities and partners
  • Eliminate the practice of sharing printed literature which can transfer germs