A new way to get started with digital signage

If you’ve tried digital signage before you may also know it can be expensive and difficult to get started.

Why does it have to be so hard to get a TV connected?

Turns out it doesn’t.

Introducing ScreenScape Connect, a smart way to get started with digital signage.

For only $40 per month you get a plug & play device that turns any TV into a connected ScreenScape digital sign. You also get access to industry leading content management software that makes creating and publishing content easy even if you happen to have hundreds of screens.

How does it work?

Take the device and plug it into the HDMI port of any TV. Switch the TV over to HDMI and voila your TV is now a ScreenScape digital sign!

Plug & Play digital signage

To get your screen connected you need to provide the device with a username and password for the local Wi-Fi network, just like a cell phone. That’s all you have to do to setup your hardware. Without a Wi-Fi network you can use a Smart Box to connect to your local area network (LAN).

Manage your content from anywhere

At any time you can login to ScreenScape.com and, using professionally designed templates, create beautiful branded content that engages and entertains your audience.

ScreenScape Connect is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started.

ScreenScape Connect can save you thousands of dollars in equipment and installation costs while delivering advanced functionality suitable for professional digital signage.
How do you get started? Go to ScreenScape.com and order a device now.
Finally, plug & play digital signage has arrived!

More questions? Read our frequently asked questions.

ScreenScape Connect

The Connect plugs in to the standard HDMI port on almost any modern TV. Once connected to the Internet through the device, the TV becomes a digital sign that is remote controlled from any desktop browser. REQUIRES Wi-Fi.

ScreenScape Smart Box

Enterprise digital signage, connect to the Internet using LAN or Wi-Fi. Smart Box offers simple set up and a 3 year warranty on hardware with remote diagnoses and next day business service on site.