Rodd Hotels & Resorts

Rodd Hotels & Resorts hotel chain uses ScreenScape Digital Signage to communicate with guests and visitors across seven locations.

No matter the season, Atlantic Canada holds a little something special for everyone. Rodd Hotels & Resorts is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest privately-owned hotel chains with properties located throughout Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Rodd Hotels & Resorts uses ScreenScape digital signs to send promotional material quickly and easily to all locations
With several properties across Atlantic Canada, the hotel chain needed a way to send promotional material quickly and easily to all locations.
And so they installed ScreenScape to communicate with guests across their seven locations.


Rodd Hotels & Resorts rolled out 7 screens powered by ScreenScape and placed them in lobbies throughout their Atlantic Canada hotels & resorts.


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive to scale
  • Ability to rotate promotions, packages & specials quickly
“Each of our locations have the ability to manage their own screens but the greatest feature to our company is to be able to manage all screens from our head office with the group account”
Mike Roberts

Marketing Manager

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