ScreenScape Connect Plug and Play Digital Signage

Professional-Grade Digital Signage Appliance

What is ScreenScape Connect Pro?

The ScreenScape Connect Pro media player is an industrial-grade digital signage appliance that can power up to two digital signs, with the same content playing on each simultaneously. Once the device is connected to the Internet, your screens can then be updated, monitored and managed remotely over the web using our industry leading digital signage software.

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ScreenScape Connect Plug and Play Digital Signage Device

How do I get the device online?

The Connect Pro can be connected directly to your LAN using a standard integrated Ethernet connection.

You can also connect the device to a wireless network. To do so you will need to authorize the device on your own network using a modern Smart Phone or USB keyboard.

Assuming your network settings remain constant, once the device is connected this set up procedure is not repeated.

How do I update the content?

You can import assets, create media from scratch, design your own playlist, and monitor your appliance remotely through an account at

Optionally, you can also invite other stakeholders inside or outside your organization to collaborate with you on creating content and managing your network.

Connect Pro Key Features

Greater Processing Power

Intel Atom 2.0GHz quad-core processor with HD graphics for smooth playback of high fidelity animations and videos

More Storage

64GB mSATA SSD for faster system boot and low heat emission

Rugged Yet Slim

With a rugged fanless design, the Connect Pro can operate in extreme physical conditions (-40°C – 70°C, -40°F – 158°F)


Automatic power on/off scheduling, automatic power recovery, low temperature boot protection and hardware monitoring.

Why Choose the Connect Pro?

Connect Pro combines the ease of use of ScreenScape Connect with the advanced features you’d expect in a professional appliance.

Connect Pro reliably delivers rich content through one or two high-definition HDMI displays, while offering a range of connectivity options.

Super slim, the unit can fit into the tightest of spaces behind displays and can be trusted in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Turn Any TV into a Digital Sign with the ScreenScape Connect Plug and Play Device

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