Plug and Play
Digital Signage Hardware

ScreenScape Connect is a smart device that plugs into an HDMI port to turn any TV screen into a professional digital sign. Once the device is connected to the Internet, your screen can then be updated, monitored and managed over the web using our industry leading digital signage software Media Manager.

For more advanced needs, see Connect Pro

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The Original Smart Appliance

  • Single-purpose device, no configuration necessary
  • Easy 1-2-3 set up process
  • Powered by Smart Player, ScreenScape’s proprietary device software
  • Ultra small form factor for easy shipping & mounting
  • Includes a proprietary caching engine for reliable playback experience (even while offline)
  • Wifi ready, ethernet adapter optional
  • Powered by AC adapter (included)

Business benefits of ScreenScape Connect

ScreenScape Connect has been designed to deliver important advantages over other conventional digital signage media players. Depending on your specific project needs these advantages may include:

  • Eliminate capital cost for unnecessary peripheral equipment (i.e. freedom to use existing TVs)
  • Simple setup process (plug it in and it works)
  • No complex configuration steps, no app store downloads
  • Do-it-yourself installation (i.e. where TV is already in place)
  • Simplify the project. Easy deployments can save thousands!
  • Easy maintenance (easy to replace without rolling a truck)
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ScreenScape Connect pairs with ScreenScape Media Manager to make Digital Signage a simple all-in-one solution. Why ScreenScape?

  • Simple Setup, Superior Design

    Set up in minutes with no IT mess. Our Media Manager is packed with professionally designed templates and media assets to create beautiful digital signs for your business with less investment and less hassle.

  • Scalable and Collaborative

    The true value of place-based media is unlocked when your network is running at full scale with a full complement of screens at every location that matters. Collaborate and share content with industry and community partners.

  • Cost-effective

    Save thousands on creative services, deployment challenges, and equipment costs. Our plug and play device can dramatically simplify a large scale roll out and our media editing tools allow non-professionals to achieve professional results. No hidden fees, no surprises. See pricing.

  • Increase Engagement

    Influence buying decisions and boost sales. Keep employees engaged and informed. From offices to shop floors, digital signage has now become a must-have communication tool at retail and in the workplace.

Getting Started

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  • Connecting to internet

    To connect the device to a wireless network, you will need to authorize the device on your own network using a modern Smart Phone or USB keyboard.

    If wireless is not an option you can also request a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and connect your device directly to your LAN using a standard ethernet connection.

    Assuming your network settings remain constant, once the device is connected this set up procedure is not repeated.

  • Updating content

    You can import assets, create media from scratch, design any number of unique playlists, and monitor your devices remotely through a Media Manager account.

    Optionally, you can also invite other stakeholders inside or outside your organization to collaborate with you on creating content and managing your network.