Hardware Overview

The hardware page is where you manage the physical hardware that is associated with your account. To access the hardware page, select the Screen icon ScreenScape digital signage Help - Example of Hardware Card in the top right of the Screenscape application. If you do not have hardware associated to your account, you will see a message directing you to visit the Screenscape Store to purchase new hardware. If you do have hardware associated with your account, you will see them on this page in the form of cards.

Example of a ScreenScape Hardware Card

Fig. 1. – An example of a Hardware card.





Each card is divided into three sections. The top left section displays a picture of your specific model of ScreenScape hardware. This allows you to see at a glance what your physical hardware looks like.

The top right section displays your sticker ID. There is a matching sticker on both the physical hardware, and the box that it is packaged in. When new hardware is added to your ScreenScape account the corresponding sticker colour and code will allow you to identify which device is which when they arrive.

Finally, the bottom section displays your hardware name, and the current internet connection status. The hardware name can be changed to whatever you’d prefer. By default, it is set to the hardware serial number.

To edit the settings for your hardware, double click on the hardware card, or click on the hardware card once and then select the Edit icon that will appear in the top right of the application.

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