ScreenScape Network Check

Do you suspect that your WiFi network is behind a firewall? If you do, then you should know that ScreenScape requires full access to a list of specific urls/ports in order to operate successfully. With the ScreenScape Network Check tool you can quickly scan your network for any potential access restrictions that may affect ScreenScape’s performance.

Using the Tool

Before running the ScreenScape Network Check tool, you will need another WiFi enabled device to run the test from. You can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC to run the test. 

IMPORTANT: In order for the connectivity test to be accurate, you must ensure that you are connected to the network that you plan to connect your ScreenScape Hardware to. That is the connection that will be utilized by the ScreenScape services. 

Once you’ve connected to the proper WiFi network using your mobile device or PC, just open a web browser and navigate to in the url address bar. This will open the ScreenScape check page and automatically run the tool.

What are the Connectivity Requirements?

Here is a list of what the tool is checking connectivity for: 

ScreenScape API

If you are unable to reach the ScreenScape API then this will prevent you from using both Screen Manager and our players on your network.


ScreenScape Player Services

If you are unable to reach ScreenScape player services then this may prevent players running on your network from getting updates or playing content.

host:  port: 443
host:  port: 443

ScreenScape Cloud Storage
If you are unable to reach ScreenScape Cloud Storage then this will prevent you from creating or playing content on your network.

host:  port: 443

ScreenScape Screen Manager
If you are unable to reach Screen Manager from your network then this will prevent you from interacting with our platform and managing your content and devices.

host:  port: 443

ScreenScape Support Services
If you are unable to reach one or more ScreenScape Support Services from your network then this may prevent ScreenScape from accessing your player remotely.

host:  port: 443
host:  port: 8080
host:  port: 443
host:  port: 443

My Network Check Failed. What Now?

If your network is behind a firewall and the connection is refused for any one of the urls/ports, then you must configure Network policies to allow access to those specific ScreenScape Services over your restricted network. If you are unable to adjust your firewall rules then you will be required to find another network source to operate the ScreenScape service on.

We recommend that a whitelist rule be configured for all  of listed urls for https on TCP/443 to allow access to the full suite of ScreenScape services. SSL inspection should not be configured for the listed urls. ScreenScape SmartPlayer devices do not currently support ssl inspection.

For a more detailed list of the ScreenScape service requirements, you can also reference the following article: Service Requirements for Restricted Networks. If you have any questions please submit a help ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.


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