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digital signage solution

Everything you need to know about the next generation platform from ScreenScape

Our mission is to help you unlock the full benefits of digital signage across your organization for a fraction of the cost, and with a fraction of the complexity of the clunky digital signage systems of the past. With ScreenScape5 we’ve taken a giant step forward towards delivering on that mission. Scroll down to learn more or jump straight to the Upgrade FAQ.

More of what you need

At ScreenScape we think a digital signage software platform should offer you more of what you need in an effective solution.

For starters it should include a plug and play media player that works with any TV and just about any network to streamline and simplify IT challenges.

Secondly it should include an easy-to-use content management system that offers time-saving media templates, flexible editing tools, built-in infotainment options and a range of automation techniques. Together these components deliver a scalable communications network that empowers your organization to create stunning visuals that capture and hold the attention of your audience wherever a screen is located.

Less of what you don’t want

An effective digital signage platform should also give you less of what you don’t want. That means it should deliver the full value of a professional digital signage network but with lower capital costs, lower operating costs, and an easy way to monitor and maintain your entire network. With ScreenScape there are no unhappy surprises and no hidden costs.

So What’s New in ScreenScape5?


ScreenScape5 raises the bar on visually-pleasing aesthetics by offering new style choices and new layouts, a broad range of beautiful new media templates, and faster, smoother animations with no ugly breaks between media items.

Asset Management

Connect your ScreenScape account with Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, and other data sources to feed your screens from wherever your assets live. Also provided is a ScreenScape-curated media library of stock assets you can use to create media.

Built-in Rich Media Editor

ScreenScape’s rich media editor is completely flexible—every part of your design can now be moved around and transformed including text. The clever combination of stylized fonts and layered assets results in striking, eye-catching visuals.

Templates, Styles & Themes

ScreenScape5 includes a variety of professionally designed, fully customizable templates for you to use to create stunning visuals for your screens. Adapt a template or start from scratch, our new media editor can handle it all. ScreenScape5 also provides new styles and themes for your playlists, so no matter what is on display, it will always look great.

Professional Content Options

Daily News in Pictures, Youtube and Trivia are just three examples of the kinds of pre-packaged content options that will be available in ScreenScape5 making it easier for you to keep every screen fresh and interesting by automating the flow of entertaining content.

Sharing & Control

If you have a screen that you want to co-manage with the help of someone else, simply share access to that screen. If you have some content that you would like another member of ScreenScape to deploy across their network simply share that content with them—it couldn’t be easier.

Web-based content

ScreenScape5 is designed from the ground up to make it easy for almost any kind of dynamic web-based content to play nicely on digital signage. If your content is behind a firewall, or comes with some custom requirements, inquire with us. You might be surprised how easy it is to integrate ScreenScape with your preferred systems.

Smarter Device Management

Smart provisioning makes it easier for you to track your devices and assign them to their appropriate locations. A new way to activate your device from your mobile phone now makes it quicker and easier to get your screen online (keyboard option available).

Speed, Shortcuts, Convenience

ScreenScape5 has numerous short cut methods to get media into the system and on and off your screen with fewer mouse clicks. Drag and drop file imports, en masse bulk edit operations, and hardware sharing allow you to save time and hassle.

Yes, all that other stuff you like about ScreenScape is still there too!

What about content scheduling? What about automated news and weather? Yes, all still in there… only better in ScreenScape5. The improvements are too numerous to recount here. So please go ahead, create your own account and check it out for yourself. Create your own custom playlist today or request a personalized demo. The software is freely accessible online, but you will need a ScreenScape5 device to begin broadcasting on screens in the real world.

Upgrading to ScreenScape5


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why the new version?
ScreenScape5 represents a major technology upgrade for ScreenScape and its customers. New technology is available today that wasn’t available when we began building ScreenScape more than ten years ago. This new technology base gives us newer and better options for delivering digital signage solutions. It helps us to raise the bar when it comes to key aspects of digital signage such as beautiful aesthetics, ease-of-use, and overall flexibility while preparing the company for its next wave of growth.

If I am an existing ScreenScape Customer do I absolutely have to migrate to ScreenScape5?
No. Existing customers that are happy to stay on ScreenScape4 are welcome to do so. Customers can continue to purchase ScreenScape4 devices and grow their networks on ScreenScape4. ScreenScape plans to support ScreenScape4 customers indefinitely.

Does ScreenScape5 work with the same hardware devices that ScreenScape4 uses?
No. ScreenScape5 takes advantage of the latest software techniques and will require new hardware.

What if I’m an existing customer and really WANT to move to ScreenScape5? What are my options?
Start by understanding the hardware that you have in the field. If you are using gen2 Connect devices (introduced November 2017) then you have two upgrade paths – hardware replacement, and hardware swap. If you are NOT using gen2 devices your only upgrade path is device replacement.

Does ScreenScape provide free hardware?
For new or off-contract customers, yes. Under the terms of our 36 month plan (Extended Subscription) ScreenScape provides new customers with a $200 commitment discount. The $200 discount offsets the cost of new hardware.

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