Opening up access to exclusive sports content from over 75 leagues.

Sports highlights for your place of business powered by SendtoNews now available for members of the ScreenScape Community.


$10/USD per device per month
  • Pro Hockey (AHL)
  • Golf (LPGA, SNTV / PGA Tour)
  • Extreme Sports (EPIC TV)
  • Racing (NASCAR / Formula / IndyCar)
  • Tennis (ATP / US Open / Wimbledon)
  • Soccer (English Premier League / FIFA / UEFA)
  • Rugby (Rugby Canada / Rugby championship / 6 nations)
  • Winter Sports (FIS World Cup / Winter X Games)
  • Horse Racing (Kentucky Derby / Belmont Stakes)
  • Cycling (Tour De France / Giro d’Italia)


$20/USD per device per month
  • National Football League
  • Major League Baseball
  • SendtoNews Channel

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