Platinum Brand


Tap into the power of place-based media with your own privately-branded portal for creating and editing content

Tailor the ScreenScape experience for your region or industry.

Develop your own co-publishing process, along with your partners, to program screens in any number of venues. By pre-populating accounts with fantastic content, network operators can make it that much easier for average business owners to create powerful presentations.

Co-branding opportunities:

  • branded login page
  • branded editor
  • branded content

Differentiate Your Offering

Assist your members, charge a premium for your value-add.

  • private assets (video, images)
  • private content
  • additional value-added services

You control the process!

Hear from some of our Platinum Customers.

Libro Platinum Brand

Libro Financial

“Using ScreenScape for Groups Platinum, we can send our branch managers from the Libro Intranet directly to a Libro-branded portal for in-branch messaging” – Michael Ketelaars, Libro Financial

Vitalogics Branded Login


“Platinum gives us more control in the onboarding of new customers and more options for the patient education and loyalty lifecycle.” – Nick Kulavic, VitaLogics

Platinum is a collection of add-ons that extend the power of a ScreenScape Group and cater to the advanced needs of professional network operators.

Also available: Platinum Control