Introducing Platinum Control


Get complete control of your digital signage network.

Give network administrators peace of mind in knowing the status of their digital signage network in real time.

ScreenScape has developed a new set of features designed for professional network operators. Platinum Control helps you to gain more control over the devices that power your ScreenScape network and gives you the data you need to know that your screens are running smoothly and the content you’re delivering is reaching its audience 24/7.

Visualize your network

PlatinumControl gives you a bird’s eye view of the physical infrastructure that supports your ScreenScape Network. This gives you, the administrator, a snapshot of the current health of your network at-a glance.

Monitor the health of your devices.

Performance stats in real time.

Monitor memory usage, CPU usage and disk usage on any device in your network. Your window into performance.

Monitor Bandwidth usage.

Get 24 hour reporting on the amount of bandwidth each media player in your network is using. Detailed down to the megabit.

Happily connected.

Rest assured that your media players are connecting based on the schedule you set. Get early warning signs of rogue players that are disconnected due to power outages and so on.

Monitor content playback.

Take a deep dive to see what’s playing on every media player. This makes it easy to see if the content you distributed is getting in front of your audience on site.

Take action.

Using Platinum Control you can start to do something about a situation on premise that is causing you concern. Restart a playlist, reboot a machine, send a screen shot, throttle the bandwith, or disable Youtube. These are just some of the ways you can control your devices remotely. Don’t send out a technician.

Set limits down to the hour.

You decide when each media player should be prevented from downloading new images and video.

Powered by ScreenScape Connect

ScreenScape Connect allows businesses to leverage their investment in existing TVs by simply connecting them to ScreenScape using an Internet-connected plug and play device. Think of it as enterprise digital signage without the pain.

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Protect your investment in digital signage. Start realizing instant savings in the total cost of owning a digital signage network with Platinum Control.
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Platinum is a collection of add-ons that extend the power of a ScreenScape Group and cater to the advanced needs of professional network operators.

Also available: Platinum Brand