What is Platinum?

How is it different from a Group?

What are the main features of Platinum?

Are there more Platinum add-ons still to come?

Who is Platinum for?

How much does Platinum cost?

Does Platinum require a minimum order?

How can I learn more?

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a collection of add-ons that extend the power of a ScreenScape Group and cater to the advanced needs of professional network operators.


Platinum is a collection of add-ons for members who want MORE than the basic functionality for distributing content to multiple venues that is offered by a standard ScreenScape Group.


It is a suite of modules each serving to extend the power of a ScreenScape Group. Each of these add-ons offer network operators additional capabilities to deliver professional place-based media solutions.


How is it different from a Group?

A Group, by itself, is a powerful sales enablement tool for businesses that cater to audiences inside multiple venues.

It’s a great way to coordinate your promotional message across hundreds, even thousands of locations.

Some of the key features of ScreenScape for Groups includes:

  • View, order and edit content in all venues from one account
  • Easy mass publishing
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Advanced content distribution using tagging
  • Free content memberships for your industry and community partners

Platinum has all these features and more.

What are the main features of Platinum?

Platinum is a collection of add-ons, each with a different set of features. There are two Platinum add-ons available today.

Platinum Brand

Private branded LoginPlatinum Brand offers network operators their own login page. This means You don’t have to send your customers to the vanilla ScreenScape.com. You can completely customize the login page to seamlessly integrate with your web site. Where you normally see the ScreenScape logo you can use your own. You can also use your own custom background that is consistent with your website and your own brand standards.

Private branded Editor – When your customer logs in to your Group, the first thing they should see is your brand. Platinum Brand offers network operators top billing.

Tap in to the power of place-based media with your own privately-branded portal for creating and editing content.

Platinum Brand gives you more control over the entire process – a privately-branded portal for creating and editing content, and co-publishing it, along with your partners, to screens in any number of venues.

Platinum Control

Platinum Control gives network administrators peace of mind in knowing the status of their digital signage network in real time.

Platinum Control helps you to gain more control over the devices that power your ScreenScape network and gives you the data you need to know that your screens running smoothly and the content you’re delivering is reaching its audience.

Platinum Control can help you to protect your investment in digital signage and realize instant savings in the total cost of owning a digital signage network.

    1. Visualize

Platinum Control gives you a bird’s eye view of the physical infrastructure that supports your ScreenScape Network. This gives you, the administrator, a snapshot of the current health of your network at-a glance.

    1. Monitor

Platinum Control monitors the health of your devices from a variety of perspectives and helps you to answer important questions including the following.

      • Connection – when is the last time the device called in?
      • Content – Is the playlist up-to-date, Is all content playing?
      • Performance – Is the device well equipped for the content it is playing? How well is the device performing in relation to quality benchmarks?
      • Bandwidth – How much bandwidth is each device consuming. When? Why?
    1. Take Action

Using Platinum Control you can start to do something about a situation on premise that is causing you concern. Restart a playlist, reboot a machine, send a screen shot, throttle the bandwith, or disable Youtube. These are just some of the ways you can control your devices remotely. Don’t send out a technician, use Platinum Control.

Platinum Control can help you reduce:

  • network down time
  • costs associated with on premises maintenance and repair
  • content defects
  • bandwidth costs

Platinum Control can help you increase:

  • Security of your network
  • Audit-ability of your playbacks
  • Device-level control over your content


  • Remote reboot
  • Remote screen capture
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Disable Youtube
  • Restart playlist


Powered by Smart Player

The foundation of a Smart Network is having smart devices driving your screens. Platinum Control relies on the industry leading playback technology of ScreenScape’s Smart Player.

Smart Player combines optimal performance efficiency with stability and reliability. It replaces the old “browser” technology previously used to run Displays in venues.

ScreenScape’s Smart Player has automated version updates in addition to fewer maintenance tasks thereby giving deployments with ScreenScape’s Smart Player a lower cost of operation than ever before.

Are there more Platinum add-ons still to come?

Yes. ScreenScape intends to introduce two new Platinum add-ons in the future. As of Spring 2014 these modules are in the planning & design phase at this time. What follows is a general description of each module, which is subject to change at any time.

Platinum Content

Platinum Content will give Group Administrators more control over the content creation process thereby allowing them to present templates and assets to their members, and assist in the content creation process, in ways that aren’t possible with a standard ScreenScape Group.

Platinum Track

Platinum Track will give Group Administrators new, easy-to-use analytical tools, such as a variety of canned reports, that extend the basic tracking tools that come standard with a ScreenScape Group. These analytical tools are designed to assist network operators in visualizing and measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they facilitate.

Who is Platinum for?

Platinum add-ons are designed with the needs of professional network operators and content publishers in mind. Platinum is ideal for any marketing savvy company that wants to create their own advanced solution for place-based marketing.

How much does Platinum cost?

Each Platinum add-on is priced at $20 per venue per month. All four add-ons are available for a discounted rate of $60 per venue per month.

Does Platinum require a minimum order?

Yes, Platinum is for networks 25 venues in size or larger.

How can I learn more?

Learn more about Platinum Brand or Platinum Control.

Contact us at sales at screenscape dot net.