Charlottetown, PEFebruary 24, 2010

ROHNERT PARK, CA and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – February 24, 2010 – Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change announced today that they have partnered with to create a branded network of displays over 22 locations. Oilstop purchased a ScreenScape Enterprise Network License, allowing for the creation of Oilstop TV, a corporate digital signage network to entertain customers while their automobiles are being serviced.

“Oilstop TV is another way we are putting customer service first. Large HDTV’s mounted driver side in our service bays in each of our stores will display content we create in-house to entertain and educate our customers. With ScreenScape we can easily add content such as videos, RSS news, PowerPoint slides and so on. Each location will have a unique playlist tailored to a local audience. The advantage of ScreenScape over other platforms we looked at was the ability to push content from a centralized point to each of the sites with the click of a mouse. Each dealer manager can login and add content at the franchise level, while headquarters can brand the network to unify all locations with central messaging.” commented Gary Woo, Marketing & Franchise Development of Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change.

A ScreenScape Enterprise Group License provides the ability to instantly brand a network and distribute corporate content to the screens operated by its participating members. Alongside, the distribution capability, each member in their group can individually create and manage their own content and tailor it to their local audience.

Woo continued, “These screens help to demonstrate cornerstones of company culture such as excellence, integrity and transparency. The content published will help our customers learn more about the services we offer and create a professional atmosphere of quality. We see the potential of joining this growing community of venues to gain more exposure for our business in other locations just by reaching out to existing ScreenScape members.”

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape noted, Initiatives like Oilstop TV serve both as a corporate entertainment system and a very powerful channel to unify brand messaging over several sites. ScreenScape provides flexible, cost effective and easy to use tools as a means for groups to manage and distribute content across their organization. Additionally our members quickly realize they can easily tap into powerful features such as the ScreenScape Community to extend their marketing reach. This provides them with a platform that allows them to effectively push their brand, service and marketing message to other venues which is extremely powerful and very beneficial for Oilstop.”


About Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change

Oilstop began its journey 20 years ago in an abandoned gas station in Petaluma, CA, and has grown to include stores in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Northern/Southern California. Our success can be attributed to a business model that stresses integrity, respect, training, excellence in the details, and servanthood. Perhaps more importantly, Oilstop’s success is the result of the thousands of people we have served over the past 20 years and the trust they have in our ability to maintain their vehicles and enhance their driving experience. Since its inception, Oilstop, Inc. continues to enjoy an excellent working alliance with Chevron USA and its well-established reputation and high level of credibility in the automotive lubrication products industry. Our mission: “We will serve people with excellence, humbly, with a servant’s heart.”

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About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape makes software that helps businesses connect and control screens over the Internet. Using a simple plug & play device, ScreenScape customers can turn any screen into a connected digital sign. Once a screen is connected it can be updated, monitored and managed over the Internet using Brand marketers and retail networks use the technology to publish digital signage content on screens inside their stores. Health clinics, university campuses and other kinds of venues use it to engage and entertain their visitors. It’s part of a growing technology arena called place-based media that is rapidly turning TV screens outside the home into location-specific media channels.

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