Charlottetown, PEMarch 3, 2011

MISSISSAUGA, ON and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – March 3, 2011 – Pioneers of Digital Signage in the Electrical Distribution Industry switch to community-based platform. Sonepar Canada, a member of the Sonepar Group, the world’s largest privately held electrical distributor, today announced it has selected ScreenScape, the leaders in community-based digital signage, to power their digital signage network.

“Sonepar Canada is focused on dedicated service, a forward-thinking approach and intelligent use of technology.” said e-Media Designer Kevin Wagar. “We have run our in-house DOOH program with great success for almost five years. We constantly look for ways we can help our suppliers differentiate themselves and their products from the competition. Sonepar Canada’s use of ScreenScape technology within our electrical wholesale branches will boost our marketing initiatives while enabling us to broaden our use of social media to communicate with our customers and the entire electrical industry.”

Wagar cites scalability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness as the key reasons for moving off its existing platform and selecting ScreenScape.

“It became quite clear that in order to expand upon our initiatives with digital signage we would have to find a platform that was scalable, easier to work with for both our suppliers and ourselves, and overall more cost-effective,” continues Wagar. “By adopting the ScreenScape platform we will be able to grow our program beyond 36 locations across three companies. We are very excited to begin opening up this network to our many strategic partners and ScreenScape provides the right solution to meet our needs.”

“We’d like to welcome Sonepar Canada to the ScreenScape Community. We know that scalability is a critical factor in choosing a digital signage platform and we hear all the time from prospects struggling under the limitations of their conventional platform,” said ScreenScape President and CEO, Kevin Dwyer. “How do you deploy a solution across hundreds of sites and execute content dynamically on behalf of dozens of suppliers, while managing the cost and effort? ScreenScape has shown time and again that it is uniquely positioned to help customers tap into the true potential of digital signage as a large-scale sales and marketing engine.”


About Sonepar Canada

Sonepar Canada ( is a leading national electrical distributor, providing service to residential, commercial, industrial and speciality business customers since 1984. There are over 1,500 dedicated employees in more than 90 branches within six operating companies; CenturyVallen, Gescan BC, Gescan Prairies, Lumen, Sonepar Ontario (consisting of Osso Electric, Texcan Ontario and Gescan Ontario) and Texcan.

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape makes software that helps businesses connect and control screens over the Internet. Using a simple plug & play device, ScreenScape customers can turn any screen into a connected digital sign. Once a screen is connected it can be updated, monitored and managed over the Internet using Brand marketers and retail networks use the technology to publish digital signage content on screens inside their stores. Health clinics, university campuses and other kinds of venues use it to engage and entertain their visitors. It’s part of a growing technology arena called place-based media that is rapidly turning TV screens outside the home into location-specific media channels.

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