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What is ScreenRank?

ScreenRank is a system that helps ScreenScape to intelligently rank members in the Community according to their likelihood to offer a given marketer a powerful and targeted place-based marketing opportunity for a given promotional campaign.


How does ScreenRank work?

Using ScreenScape a marketer can fill out a simple campaign profile to specify their particular marketing needs at a particular moment. For example if they want to place ads in food and beverage venues in Boston they may simply state a venue type and a venue location. ScreenRank would then use this criteria and cross reference with our ScreenMatch databank to identify venues that match this “qualitative” profile. ScreenRank would then order the results of such a query based on the degree of qualitative match it finds (high to low, 100% hit = better than 50% fuzzy hit) AND by the ScreenPower rating of each venue in the result set (high to low). The resulting ordered set would then serve as a list of suggested venues that might serve as excellent candidates for the campaign in question.

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What is ScreenPower?

ScreenPower is a metric that helps to inform members of the ScreenScape Community as to the estimated communicative power of each Venue according to ScreenScape. If you are a ScreenScape Venue your ScreenPower rating estimates to others how effective your ScreenScape displays are at communicating their message. If you are a marketer interested in place-based media you can use ScreenPower among other factors to evaluate the potential of a ScreenScape Venue to effectively carry your promotional message to their (your) audience.


How does ScreenPower work?

If you are a ScreenScape Venue your ScreenPower is influenced by a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Size of your audience
  • Number of screens
  • Smart Player enabled?
  • Tenure on ScreenScape
  • Activity in the ScreenScape Community
  • Profile completeness



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What is ScreenMatch?

ScreenMatch is a free volunteer program that offers members of ScreenScape an opportunity to connect with others who might have an interest in collaborating with them. ScreenMatch is a great way for members of ScreenScape with screens in their venue to invite 3rd-party members to participate in their onscreen programming. Conversely, ScreenMatch is also a great way for anyone with an interest in place-based marketing to find venues that may have visitors that match up with their target audience.


What are some examples of ScreenMatch at work?

Say you are an owner of a busy restaurant and bar. If you’d like to invite businesses in your local region to advertise on your screens you can sign up for ScreenMatch for free matchmaking services provided by ScreenScape.

Say you are the owner of a chain of fitness stores and you’d like to invite industry partners to participate in the onscreen programming that your members see every day. By joining ScreenMatch you can signal to ScreenScape, and to potential advertisers that your screen is open for business.

Say you are a brand marketer that doesn’t own and operate stores but sells products and services through retail partners. By signing up for ScreenMatch you can signal to ScreenScape and potential retail partners that you’re interested in participating in their onscreen programming to deliver your promotional message to your target audience. This helps to lift sales and establish deeper ties with local retailers.


How does ScreenMatch work?

All you have to do to be considered for the program is fill out a simple online form. This form will ask you a few questions about your interest in place-based marketing and whether you have screen space that is open for rent, whether you are seeking promotional opportunities, or both. Once you have completed the form your business will be entered into our database and you will be contacted by our team of professionals who will consult with you on a range of potential opportunities that match your profile.


How much does ScreenMatch cost?

ScreenMatch is entirely free for members of ScreenScape.


If I’m matched with another member does that mean I have to involve them in my onscreen programming?

No, the decision to work with a potential partner who is also a member of ScreenScape is yours entirely. Using ScreenMatch you may discover a potential partnership opportunity…but it is between you and the partner to decide how and when to work together.


What do I need to participate in the ScreenMatch program?

You simply have to be a member of ScreenScape and fill out the ScreenMatch form.