Maximize Your Browser Cache

In order for your Media Player to perform optimally, you should utilize your browser’s caching capabilities.

Utilizing browser caching can help your Media Player run more consistently and more smoothly. If there is a disruption to your internet service, the screen will still continue to play using the browser cache with minimal interruption. This also decreases the amount of bandwidth your internet connection uses. Some internet service providers charge additional fees for high bandwidth usage.

For instance, if you have videos on your display, you may run into a situation where your bandwidth may be taxed, especially if your browser cache is set too low.


Internet Explorer

  • Go to Start then Control Panel and click on Internet Options
  • Under the Browsing History header, click Settings
  • Increase the Disk space to use to 1024MB
  • Click OK to save your changes

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click Tools, and go to Options
  • Click the icon called Advanced and then the tab titled Network
  • Increase Offline Storage to no less than 1024MB
  • Click OK to save your changes