How to use the Community

The Community connects all the members of the ScreenScape Network. Using the Community, you can:

  • Find and contact other members
  • Find Content shared by other members
  • View the displays of other members (when those members permit)
  • Share your Content with other members

Community Map

Community Map

Community Map Member type select

A global view of the locations of Community members is available under the Community Map. This is the default view of the Community, visible when you select the Community tab. You can navigate around the Map by:

  • using Click+Drag with your mouse to move the viewing area
  • Ctrl+ / Ctrl-, your mouse clickwheel, or the zoom buttons to zoom the viewing area in and out
  • the Location search bar to shift the viewing area to a geographic location
  • the Member filter to view specific types of members (e.g. “Retail” venues only)

Community Share

A view of the Content shared by other members of the Community is available under Community Share. To open this view, select the Community tab and then the Share link.

Community Share navigate to

The Community Share view is divided into 4 main areas. (Tip: If you’re familiar with the Group Publish view, it’s very similar.)

  • Content Tags
  • Content
  • Members
  • Member Tags

Community Share execution

There are 2 main activities in the Community Share view. You can Subscribe to the content being shared by other members, and you can share your content with other members. Subscribed content can be Published to your playlist and displayed on your ScreenScape display (Note: this requires permission by the content owner). Sharing your content with other members gives those members the permission to Publish your content to their displays.

Community Share Content search

  • To subscribe to content being shared by others, select the Community Content tag, Search for content, select the content you like, and drag it to one of your Content tags. This will make the content available for Publishing under the Publish tab, or just save it for later reference.
  • To Share with other members, select the My Content tag, select the content you want to share, and drag it to the members (on the right) that you want to share it with.