Get your Content in Front of an Audience

Sharing your Content in the Community assists you in increasing your audience reach by giving you access to Venues in any geographic location. You can track where your Content has played by using the Track tool.


Here’s how it all comes together:


  • Sign up for a ScreenScape account and share the content you have created.
  • Whether you have your own screens or not, you want people to see and respond to your content. The more impressions you get the more sales you make, the more brand promotion you get, the more education you provide, etc. Impressions=Success
  • In order to get those impressions you can use the Community and our Messaging system to locate and contact other members and venues that would be a good fit for YOUR content.
  • We have made it easy for you locate, share and use another member’s Content, where it makes good business sense to do so.

    The following is a example of how to use the ScreenScape platform to its fullest.


    This example involves a Content Member and several Venues.

    Mary is a realtor, she works from her home office and isn’t running any screens of her own. She wants to get her latest listings in front of potential home buyers.

    By browsing the ScreenScape Community, she locates several businesses in her city, all using the ScreenScape platform, that she would like to get her content on. She uses the Messaging system to contact the Venues she is interested in doing business with. Mary and the local Venues come to an agreement to play her content on the Venue screens during a time of day when there will be the most potential home buyers at each location.

    Using the Tracking tool, Mary can see the number of impressions she is getting at each location, and easily gauging the success of the initiative base on interest being generated for her business.


    For more information on Browsing the Community, using Messages or Tracking your Content please visit our Support Site.