Connect – Known Issues

This list describes known issues with the current version of the ScreenScape Connect device.

Some power supplies not compatible.

Not all power supplies are created equal. Some power supplies will deliver power that may cause the Connect to behave unexpectedly.

An observed result of unreliable power supply is a device that will ‘stall’ during a portion of its startup process, e.g. on the DELL logo, or on a ‘black screen’ after the logo appears.

Common sources of power that can be unreliable are: some MHL ports, some USB service ports, or some USB ‘phone’ chargers. The minimum power requirement for the device is 5.0V DC, 0.5A continuous power supply.

A common resolution to this issue is to change to a more reliable power source. e.g. a USB 2.0 power adapter plugged into a wall socket. This article provides an excellent overview of the type of chargers available on the market, and the varying degrees of quality between them.

Some HDMI TVs not compatible.

Not all HDMI ports are created equal. Some TVs have defective HDMI ports, or non-standard HDMI ports that are not compatible with the Connect device.
The result is that the TV will return a ‘No signal’ message – it will not recognize that there is anything plugged in to the HDMI port in question. A common resolution to this issue is to choose a different HDMI port on the same television. Seating the device more firmly in the HDMI port, or adjusting the HDMI settings in the TV Setup may also resolve the issue.

Some USB keyboards not compatible.

USB keyboards that draw more 100mA of power are not supported by the USB ports of the device.

Device boots up to the Android desktop instead of a ScreenScape display.

A working device stops working and refuses to do more that flicker on the Android desktop. If this error is encountered, press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button on the side of the device for 5 seconds and then release. The device should reboot itself and then continue playing successfully. If your device continues to boot to the Android desktop please contact ScreenScape Support.

Username/Password Wi-fi not supported

Wi-Fi connections that require a username in addition to a password are not supported through the ScreenScape WiFi Setup Menu. Please contact ScreenScape Support for more information on out to setup a 802.1x EAP Wi-Fi connection.

Browser login Wi-Fi not supported

Wi-Fi connections that require the user to use their browsers to agree to a terms of service, or to enter a username / password, are not supported through the ScreenScape WiFi Setup Menu. This type of Wi-Fi network is most often encountered as ‘Free’ Wi-Fi in airports or hotels. Please contact ScreenScape Support for more information on out to setup this type of Wi-Fi connection.

Some templates show poor animation.

Some templates (circa 2012-13, found in the ScreenScape ‘Classic’ collection) use an animation technique which is less compatible with the Connect device then newer templates. They successfully display on the screen but may drop frames during heavy animation. This behaviour is considered non-optimal but has no technical ramifications; users may choose to continue to use these templates at their discretion.