ScreenScape Connect Overview


What is the ‘ScreenScape Connect’?

ScreenScape Connect is a new and streamlined way to connect any TV to the ScreenScape platform. The ScreenScape Connect stick is a tiny hardware device that plugs directly into a TV through an HDMI port. It acts like a mini computer, completely replacing the traditional ‘PC Media Player’ box. It connects to the Internet, downloads everything it needs, and plays content like video, images, news and animations on the TV.

It’s digital signage on a stick.


How much does it cost?

The monthly fee for the service that powers the Connect is $40 USD/mth.

To purchase the device itself, there are two options, with contract and without contract:

  • With a contract (36 month term), the device itself is free.
  • Without a contract, the device is $200 USD (+tax). The same monthly subscription fee for the service ($40 USD/mth) applies.

Add-ons for the Connect are also available and generally cost an additional $10 USD/mth per add-on.


How do I buy?

You can buy a Connect directly from ScreenScape here.



How do I set it up?

The Connect is designed to be simple to set up, without expert help. Follow these instructions to get started.


Other frequently asked questions about Connect can be found here.


Here is a video that introduces you to ScreenScape Connect and shows the device in action.