Creating & Adding Venues to my Group via Group Manager

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to get started.

1. Log into your Group Account and go to Group Manager.


2. In the Actions section use “Invite new ScreenScape Member(s) to this Group”.

    Type in the email address of the person who will sign up the account, then log out of the group account. (use your email address if you are creating the Venue).


3. You will receive an email request to join the group.

    Use the signup link in the email to create the venue “To Accept this invitation click here”.

4. Fill in all 4 fields of information.

    *Note: “Member Name” is how your venue will be displayed publicly in ScreenScape and how you will be represented to other members of your Group in ScreenScape. Your Member Name should be the proper name of your venue (i.e. Media One or Travel Shack). You can also change the Login Name (removing the email address) point.
    – Click “Join”.


5. Click “Upgrade to a Venue Member”.


6. Fill in remaining fields.

    *Note: your ScreenScape address is the custom URL where your display can be viewed.


7. Select the appropriate categories that best describe your business and enter your location’s address.


8. Select the appropriate options.

    – Click “Upgrade”


9. Select “Start Trial”. If the venue licensing fees have not already been paid for by your group you will need to either set up credit card details but clicking on Complete Payment or if they are to be invoiced you will need to complete and send accounting an “Invoice Request Agreement” (Get one here) and click on Start Trial.

This should be completed immediately after creating your account to ensure that your account is converted from “Trial” status to an “Active Account” status.



Congratulations the new venue is now a member of your Group on ScreenScape.