Understanding the Group Tool


The Group Tool is available to the administrators of ScreenScape group accounts, such as Enterprise Networks, Marketing Networks and Affiliate Networks. It provides an overview of the group member locations, summary information on each member account, and group management actions like invite a new member.

You can access the Group Tool by clicking on Group in the drop down menu at the far top right of your account.

Help Area

The Help area describes the basic function of the Group tool.

Group Overview

The Group Overview area is a representation of all of the members of your group. You can focus on any member of the group by selecting it with your mouse in the Group Overview area or by selecting it on the map.

Information Area

The Information area displays the basic information about the account currently selected in the Group Overview area. This information includes the account name, logo and venue type. It also displays group information about that account, such as total members allowed.

Actions Area (Adding or Removing Group Members)

The Actions area shows relevant actions that can be performed on the account currently selected in the Group Overview area. For example, when a group member is selected, relevant actions could be “Revoke membership”, “Invite new member to this Group” or “Remove from Group”.

Action Results Area

The Action Results area is linked to the Actions area. After selecting an Action, the Action Results area displays the outcome of that action. For example, if the action “Invite new member”; is selected, the Action Results area would offer a dialog box for the group manager to enter the details of the account(s) to be invited.