Flash Player Information


ScreenScape is powered by Adobe Flash Player. All members of ScreenScape are required to upgrade their Media Player to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

To find out which version of Flash you are running, you can click here.
The latest version of Flash Player can be downloaded here.


Note: Flash Player has it’s own specific system requirements. Please view them here.


All versions of Flash Player 10.1.X support hardware-accelerated scaling. If the hardware you are using meets the requirements, leaving this setting on will improve the performance of your media player. If the hardware does not meet the requirements, and if performance is noticeably decreased, this setting can be turned off. Instructions on adjusting this setting can be found here.


ScreenScape suggests disabling automatic Flash Player updates on your media player. Adobe provides an online tool, Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, that you can use to change Flash Player settings on your media player. To access this tool, navigate to this website while logged into your media player.