Publish to a Group

If you are a Group Manager, you can publish to many Displays at once. You have control over the publishing of Content onto the Displays of your members. Each of your Content items can be published to all, some or none of your members.



From PUBLISH, a Group Manager can not only publish content, but can also manage the playback order of the content.

Using a drag and drop method, a Group Manager can either drag numerous pieces of content to a Venue, or drag Venues to the appropriate content. For ease of use, a Group Manager can filter their view to show only certain tagged Venues. For more information on tags, please see the support article here.



By clicking on the arrow on the side of any Venue or Content item, you can then view what you have published to that Venue, or what Venues that content is published to.




When viewing what content is Published to a particular Venue, not only do you see content published from the Group Manager, but also any content the Venue has added on their own. From there, a Group Manager can click and drag to arrange the playlist of that particular Venue. Content plays top-to-bottom.