The Messages feature enables members to communicate with others in the ScreenScape Community. It is similar to many popular email clients you have seen. It contains an Inbox, Sent Messages and Compose Message view.

If you have unread messages, you will see a red indicator on the envelope icon

Inbox Compose Message

To use the Messages feature:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the envelope icon
  3. Click Compose to communicate with any member of the ScreenScape Community

If a member of the Community has shared content with you, you will receive a Message stating this fact.

Email Notifications

You can also have messages sent by ScreenScape Community members to the email address associated with your account:

  1. Navigate to the dropdown in the top right corner with your business name
  2. Select the Preferences item from the list
  3. Enable Send me an e-mail when I receive new messages
  4. Click OK

If you do not want to be notified of new messages, de-select this option and click OK.