How to use the Create tab

Use the Create tab to create and organize your ScreenScape content.

Note: the Create tab is only visible to Content member. For Venues and Groups, the Publish tab is equivalent.

The largest area in the center of the screen lists all of the Content you have created or that you have subscribed to in the Community. The Create Content button creates new items in your content list.

Create tab

The area to the right of the screen gives you a preview of the content in your content list. This area also provides information about content in your list. When you select a row in your Content list, details about that content are displayed on the right.

To use the tool

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the Create tab.
  • Select any piece of content you would like to perform an Action on.
  • Then choose from one of the Actions dropdown at the top left screen.

To create Content

Follow these steps for using the Create Content button to create new items in your content list.

To edit Content

  • Click on the Content Name
  • The editor for the content item will load. From there, you can modify the item, change its schedule or Sharing permissions, give it a description or rename it.

Create tab Edit

To delete content

  • Click the corresponding check box for the piece of Content. You can select multiple pieces of content at once.
  • Using the Actions dropdown, choose delete.

Create tab Delete