To get your Content in front of an audience, it needs to be Published. Publishing is the act of taking Content and adding it to a Display.

Publishing Content on


How Publishing Works

If you are a ScreenScape Venue, you can Publish Content to your own Display. Published Content is displayed and managed using the Publish tool.

The Publish tool shows a Playlist of all the Content items that will appear on your Display. The contents of each playlist are played sequentially, top to bottom. Individual items can be dragged and dropped to change the order of the Playlist. Once your Display has completed playing the first item, it will move on to the next active item in the playlist. Once the playlist has played the last item in the list, it will start again from the top. If you wish to re-arrange the order of play, you can drag and drop the content and that will directly affect the playback order.


If a piece of content appears in the Publish Tool but not in your screen Display, ensure that the content has been added to your display. Pieces of content that have problems with their content source (e.g, a YouTube video no longer allows embedding) are automatically skipped when encountered during display playback.


Towards the top of the screen, you may notice a link to your URL. Click this link to view a showcase of your playlist.

To remove content

Click the corresponding X for the piece of Content you wish to remove from the playlist. This does not delete the content, simply removes it from the list. If you wish to permanently delete content, you can do so from the Content area.