How can I lower my total cost of ownership while maximizing my ROI?

Manage for cost-effective, responsive on-premises support.

  • Don’t skimp on a media player
  • Warranties
  • Remote monitoring & management solutions
  • Content Management techniques that save time and money

    • Pre-make content that is timely and relevant
    • Avoid content that can become stale or irrelevant
    • distribute the cost and effort of creating content among stakeholders
    • use found sources of content
    • designate a week each year as content week
    • create a content schedule
    • divide content into types such as dynamic content, recurring content, and one-time promotions, or location-independent, location-specific
  • Increase the number of locations in your network
  • Increase the number of brands/suppliers/advertisers using your network
  • Create a media kit
  • Promote your network