How to perform Actions on many venues at once

The Publish tool can be very useful when managing multiple venues across a large Group. Large scale actions such as updating all the logos in your group with one click, or updating the preferences of many venues at once, are quick and easy. The purpose of these actions is to assist a Group manager to complete all necessary management functions from their central account.

Actions include:

  • Rename – Find and Replace, add a suffix, or add a prefix to all selected member names
  • Update Logo – Change the member logo of all selected members
  • Update RSS and Weather preferences – Change the preferences assigned to all selected members. For example, assign “ACME corporate RSS feed” as the default feed for everyone in your group.
  • Update Weather City by Location – Automatically re-assign all selected members to closest weather city available. For example, a member with a map location in ‘Sunnyvale, CA’ would be assigned the closest weather city, ‘San Jose, CA’. Useful in combination with the action ‘Update location’.
  • Update Location – Assign a new map address to any selected member. Useful in combination with the action ‘Update weather city by location’.
  • Stop Publishing – Immediately remove all items from the selected members playlist. Useful in combination with drag and drop playlist publishing. For example, select all members tagged with ‘Infinity Auto Locations’ and ‘Stop Publishing’, then drag and drop the ‘New Infinity Auto playlist’ tag to the ‘Infinity Auto Locations’ tag to publish your newest content.

Update Logo

To perform an action on many venues at once:

  1. Go to the Publish tab.
  2. Select at least 1 Venue in the Venue list. To select many items at once, use Shift+click or Ctrl+click.
  3. Select an Action from the Action dropdown. You’ll find it immediately above the Venue list.
  4. Select the Action that you want to apply.
  5. Complete the steps in the Action dialog box, then click OK. The Action will apply to ALL venues you selected.

If you make a mistake, you can repeat the Action with a new value.
WARNING: there is no Undo, and previous values will be lost once an Action is approved.