How to publish content items in order

In many cases, not only do content items belong together in the same list: they should be played in a particular order. This could be a strict order (play video 1, video 2, then video 3), or it could be a loose order (“It doesn’t matter which plays first, but I don’t want the ads in this list to play back to back.”).

Content Tags are a simple way to arrange content items in their optimal order, and to make sure they are published in that same order. To do this:

  1. Go to the Publish tab.
  2. Create a Content Tag to represent your ordered playlist.
  3. Add the content items of your playlist to the tag.
  4. Select the tag, and then drag and drop the items in the Content list into the order you want.
  5. Publish the ordered playlist by dragging and dropping the Content Tag to a venue or a Venue Tag.

publish content playlists to ordered lists

The result will be that all items in the Content Tag will be published to the selected venue(s), in the order in which they were arranged.

Note: Once the content items are published, their order can be edited independent of the Content Tag. There is no ongoing connection between order of the items in the tag and the published playlist items. After the are published, changing the order of items in a tag will not change the published order of those items.