How to use Images


Images are digital media in the form of pictures, photos, product shots, logos or other digital files. Great looking Images are the backbone of any Display. They appear as both the central content (a retail product shot) and as the supporting cast (backgrounds, logos, etc.)

How to use Images on ScreenScape

1. Choose a Design with Images

Image Choose Design
Images can be added to any ScreenScape content tagged with the “Image” icon.

2. Select an Image

Image Select Image
To select an Image to place into your chosen Design, you first need to have images uploaded to your Asset Library. Find out more about the Asset Library here.
Go to the Asset Library by clicking the “Select image” link below the image placeholder in the design. Then select one of the Images in the library by clicking on it.

3. Crop the Image

Image Crop Image
Once the Image has been selected, you may need to crop it. Cropping refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing in a particular area. Cropping allows you to “focus” on the specific part of your image that is most relevant for your audience. If an image is not cropped it might end up stretched or compressed, which lowers the visual quality of the overall content.

4. Save the final product

Image Describe and Save
When the Image selection and cropping has been completed, the final product will be a custom image inserted into your new content.