How to use Video


Videos are digital media in the form of moving pictures. They are quickly becoming the backbone of all media on the Web. Video is often the main “focus” of a digital display.

How to use Video on ScreenScape

1. Choose a Design with Video

Video Choose Design
Video can be added to any ScreenScape content tagged with the “Video” icon.

2. Select a Video

Video Select Video
To select a Video to place into your chosen Design, you first need to have videos uploaded to your Asset Library. Find out more about the Asset Library here.
Go to the Asset Library by clicking the “Select video” link below the video placeholder in the design. Then select one of the videos in your library by clicking on it.

3. Save the final product

Video Describe and Save
When the Video selection has been completed, the final product will a custom image inserted into your new content.


    ● Locations with slow internet connections may see a delay before new video items appear on the screen. A playlist item that contains a video will not begin playing until the video has been fully downloaded to the local media player. Playlist items with videos that are not yet downloaded are skipped.

    ● The Duration of the content item will always be inherited from the duration of the uploaded video. For example, if the uploaded video is 3m15s, then the overall duration of the content item in the playlist will always be 3m15s.

    ● Videos are superior to YouTube in that they are automatically cached locally when played in a Venue. This means they are downloaded through a network connection to a local media player only once, during the inital playback. All subsequent downloads come from the local cache. YouTube videos are streamed from the Web each and every time they are played on a media player. To lessen the bandwidth consumption of your digital display, we recommend the use of Video where possible.