How to use Weather

SSN Weather and News
Weather is one of the easiest and most popular forms of content on digital signs. It’s always relevant, constantly updated, and catches the attention of many audiences members. It’s a great way to complement a content item that may otherwise contain only advertising.

How to use Weather on ScreenScape

1. Choose a Design with Weather

Weather Choose Design
Weather can be added to any ScreenScape content tagged with the “Weather” icon. It is often a complement to other forms of content, like images or video, but can work as eye-catching Fullscreen content.
There are three forecast types: ‘Current Conditions’, ‘Daily Forecast’ and ‘Extended Forecast’. You can refine design options by searching specifically for these terms.

2. Use the default Weather preference

Weather Venue Preference
When adding Weather, the “venue preference” will be used as the default value. Generally, you can preset this Preference a single time, and skip Weather data entry going forward. More on Venue Preferences here.


You may instead add a specific Weather location that is different from your regular Preference. You can customize the location, language and scale of the weather report.

Weather Custom Location
The database of specific weather location contains a list of 270,000 individual weather stations all over the globe. This includes cities, airports, regions, small towns and even villages. If the specific location you are looking for is not in this list, please expand your search by looking for neighbouring localities. A local airport is often a good bet.

3. Save the final product

Weather Final Product
When the Weather selection has been completed, the final product will be a dynamic Weather forecast that automatically updates itself as the weather changes.


● The weather forecast is updated every 15 minutes