Note: This section is relevant for Group members.

Group Publish Help

Group Publish basics

Group Publishing – The Basics
How to Create Content Tags
How to add items to a Content Tag
How to remove items from a content tag
How to publish a playlist to many venues
How to publish content items in order
How to perform Actions on many venues at once

Project Management

What are the keys to success for a digital signage project?
What are the roles & responsibilities on a digital signage project?
What is a digital signage “total solution?”
What is involved in a digital signage deployment?
What should I look for in a Solutions Partner?
How can I lower my total cost of ownership?
What are the best practices for growing my Group?

Product Training

Creating and sharing content is performed the same way for Groups as it is for all members. Browse the directory of Content Member articles for help with creating and sharing content.
What is a Group?
ScreenScape Connect – Setup for Group Accounts
Inviting Members to my Group via Group Manager
Creating & Adding Venues to my Group via Group Manager
How do I remove members from my Group?
How do I distribute content to my Group members?
Can I publish 3rd-party content from the Community to my Group?
How do I change the order of content in my playlists?
How do I remove content distributed by my Group?
Frequently Asked Questions for Group Managers
Frequently Asked Questions for Group Members



What is Platinum Brand?
What is Platinum Control?
What do the icons mean in Platinum Control?
What actions can I perform with Platinum Control?
What are the different status updates with Platinum Control?
Frequently Asked Questions for Platinum Control