What are the keys to success for a Digital Signage (DS) project?

The primary tasks associated with most digital signage projects are in the area of sourcing, installing and managing a network of screens. Each screen is set up to engage local audiences, inside a place of business, with rich engaging media content.

Typically, the goal of most digital signage projects is to use this network of screens, and the promotions they deliver, to influence buying behaviour, lift sales and add value to the retail marketing process.

Secondarily, a digital signage network might be used for sharing a range of non-commercial information ranging from emergency messages to health and safety notices to wayfinding.

Deploying the physical network required to present digital messaging on screen, and executing beautiful content that is relevant to the local audience are the two main pillars of a total solution.

If these are the main tasks then what are the underlying factors for success in managing these kinds of projects? At a high level the two critical factors in assuring the success of a digital signage project are project management and growth & participation.

Effective Project Management

Like any information technology (IT) project, the overall success of a digital signage project depends on strong leadership and the effective execution of a sound project plan. A good project plan will outline the goals and objectives of the initiative and its various sub-steps, the roles & responsibilities of those involved in carrying out its various tasks, and a method for reporting and measuring progress as the project unfolds.

Growth & Participation

Ultimately the power of a digital signage network, and therefore its potential to achieve higher monetary goals, will be determined in large part by the scale and scope of the network and the number of parties that participate.

This has two distinct aspects. First of all the larger the audience for your promotional messaging, the more strategic the locations, the more places it reaches and the more screens you have live and operational in your network, the greater the size and reach of any given promotional message. This leads to a larger “inventory” of placement opportunities, and the greater the effectiveness of each promotional campaign. Herein lies the key driver for digital signage projects that can scale rapidly and cost-effectively in size and scope. The bigger your network…the greater its value.

On the other hand, the value of a digital signage network also tends to grow as more partners participate in the content generation and the brokering of advertising opportunities. Take for a example a retail chain that sells many different products representing a range of different suppliers. The more suppliers that participate in the digital signage network, the steeper the competition among interested parties, for the limited placement opportunities that are available among the programming that is live, influencing buying behaviour at any given place. Herein lies the key driver for digital signage solutions that make content management easy and elegant across many different parties. The more industry and community partners you can involve that can use your network to reach their target audience, the greater is the potential for you to monetize your position as network owner.