Platinum Control Overview

What is it?

Control‘ is a set of add-on features for ScreenScape. It gives ScreenScape members long distance remote control of their media players.

ScreenScape members that have Control can see when media players are connected, what hardware and software they have installed, what content they’re playing, how well they’re performing, and how much bandwidth they’re consuming. They can also perform long distance actions, like remote reboot, bandwidth throttling, playlist restart, remote screenshots, and more.

Where is it?

The Control dashboard is located under the tab CONTROL in the application navigation toolbar, alongside CONTENT, PUBLISH, TRACK, etc.

PlatinumControl Dashboard

The Control dashboard is organized into a tree hierarchy.

Control Tree Hierarchy GIF

  • For Venues, the top node of the tree represents the venue account, with lower nodes representing device(s) assigned to that account.
  • For Groups, the top node of the tree represents the group account, with the second level representing venues, and the third level representing the device(s) assigned to that each venue.

Each row contains 6 status icons, representing: Device details, Connection, Playlist, Content, Performance, and Bandwidth.

  • Hover over a status icon for a summary status of the item on that row.
  • Click on a status icon for a detailed status of the item on that row.
  • Select the row and then select an Action to perform the action for the device(s) below the row in the tree hierarchy.